The Shereveth are one of the tribes of Centaurs who roam the Foedarian Wastes. They are a people of the Laws and will in times of peace aid travellers seeking the City in the Dust. Many who are lost in the desert are ultimately saved by the savage Shereveth and returned to civilized lands or to the City.

The Shereveth follow intricate rules of behavior and are guided by the wisdom of their noble clan leaders.

If a Shereveth approaches you clad in red or orange cloth, they are meaning violence. If they come clad in blue or white, they mean to speak before violence may ensue.

A Shereveth warrior will charge any it meets in the desert, but if it drops its pike before it closes, then it only means to count coup, and will not slay.

All Shereveth when the encounter those they meet in peace, will offer water and nuts. It is crucial to share food with them before any further conversation or negotiation begins. If this does not happen, then they feel free to slay and enslave at will.



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