City in the Dust

Treasure Log

From Feb 22 and March 1

Treasure from last two adventures
Feb 22
2 potions – oil of slipperiness,
potion of greater healing (Trueman)
Iron crown with zirconium gems
leather bag with 1000sp in it
Boots of Elvenkind (Kainen)
Javelin of Lightning (Trueman)
Wand of Web (Kev’quarim)
Light Hammer of iron and steel (Trueman)

Mar 1
Jade Armband
Spellbook = Telekinesis, Cone of Cold, Ice Storm, Greater Invisibility, Counter Spell, Fireball, Fly, Animate Dead, Misty Step, Suggestion, Detect Magic, Mage Armour, Shield, Magic Missile, Find Familiar, Light, Prestidigitation, Firebolt, Mage Hand
120 arrows, (not sure who grabbed how many?)
1 dagger (Gunga),
1 Slaad Nut
Left behind: 7 suits of Hide Armour, 8 spears, 8 longbows, 8 wooden shields

Math (remember I am an English Teacher so you best check it over.) Feb 22 was divided between the 4 of us, and March 1 between the 6 of us. Gems, and what not not included. Earlier Treasure from Feb 8 also not included at this point in time (coming soon). Aleksej is holding on to the non divided up treasure (like the armband and crown), and you let him because he is charismatic as all hell.
Kev – 22pp, 841gp, 255sp
Kainen – 22 pp, 841g, 255sp
Trueman – 22 pp, 841 gp, 255sp
Alexsej – 22pp, 846gp, 256sp
Carnsir – 2 pp, 41gp, 5sp
Gunga, 41gp, 5sp



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