City in the Dust

Sandwyrms to Gnoll Camps

Feb 22 and March 1 Adventure logs

Feb 22
Out into a gully and down on to the desert. Far across the rock desert and scrub, dust bowl there are rocky peaks. Some scrub blue grass, and marks from Carnsir. Spirited debate in the hut at rest time. Afternoon walk we spot a sandstorm two days off. Some small lizard like creatures scurrying through bone piles. Night time brings the cold.
Day two, much the same. Mid morning, we spot two, 18 foot tall, bone spur covered creatures. The are undead mo strontium, not covered in bones but broken weapons. It was a tough fight, and twice the Druid got knocked out of the bear. I dropped the both with Eldritch Blasts. The battle was over.

We walked for an hour, rested, and walked on. It was sandier again, but not, hot enough we have trouble regulating our water. We see great piles of bones. Up ahead lies a massive set of ribs rising out of the sand, with a bone pedestal, with something shiny on it. Turns out to be a trap with a sandwyrm laying in wait. The Druid was restrained, and it shifted into a bear, only to have the Druid stung out of the bear with the tail stinger. I put it to sleep and Trueman killed it. We summoned the hut and camped for the night.

Day three. The sandstorm is much less, but it is windy. Visibility is low. Mid day break is uneventful. After break we are walking through a very sandy area, then the Druid yells out stop. He spotted a blue dragon in the sky. And cacti that came to life and attacked. Things looked dire. But after we got out of close range we blasted them to bits. The dragon flew off to the southwest, the very direction that we want to go. There was some treasure to be had. We rested for the night.

Day four. Sand blowing, it sucks. Part way threw the morning, as the dunes shift in front of us. We see five centaurs, the shevreth. We spoke with Gorifoross, the Elder, and learned things were worse than we feared. The Blue Dragon has raised the southern tribes against us. The young of Gorifoross’s tribe, those not taken by the demons of the Oasis of the dog have turned to evil and declared war on all. Human and Dogheaded demon men atop wyverns ride the wastes killing and taking what they want. The Baradi in the hills have also stirred but have not taken sides.

We decided to avoid the camp.

We stopped there.

March 1
Two days away after we circle the camp. We hit the loose rock and start climbing out of the low desert. The terrain is inclined and with stunted trees. Carnsir has joined us. We are good for water, but we are low on food. We sleep in the hut. It is a silent and awkward night as usual.
We are a day and a half away. The Druid is hesitant to use magic to summon us food. He eventually does. We head out, and hope to forage. There is some success. We get 12 pounds of jack-rabbit, and an antelope and 13 gallons of water.
At a rocky plateau we find we have wandered into an old ruined city. We are set upon by Gnolls, two riding dinosaurs. Shortly into the fight, Kainen breaks the Etheric Threshold and ends up with a Blue Slaad on him. The fey that were summoned, were actually of no help at all. In fact they made the fight harder. The fight, though seeing much magic from us, was a tough slog, despite numerous Gnolls being stunned. The fight went on, the Slaad was killed, Carnsir was dropped, the fight raged one, but eventually we prevailed. Trueman brought Carnsir back. There was treasure.
We walk on for a bit. We make it to the end of the day. We overuse the water that we had. We had 43 gallons. We now have 19.
We had a full nights rest. We grill the new guy, his name is Gunga and he is a sleeper that has awoken. He was a slave of the Shevereth and then captured by the gnolls. He has now awoken.
Carnsir makes more water in the morning. Then We walked on, we mid-day rest. In the afternoon, we slow and try and be stealthy. Part way through, as we wind down in the hills, and in the distance one hill looks like a skull, on top of which sits a building. Around the building are out buildings and a corral. In the pens are Shevereth and moving around are gnolls and humans. There are heaped mounds of skulls, with sentries on watch.
We hunker down to plan. Once more we get into the debate about causing chaos and whether it will help or not. I stand watch.



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