City in the Dust

I Am Aleksej

From the Journals of Aleksej Kirikdan - Entry 1

Aleksej. Aleksej Kirikdan. I remember my name. And with comes the nightmares. The flames. The screams. The vicious hordes. The death. So much death. I am remembering, and I am here, the City in the Dust. I have no recollection of arriving, only of searching. But now I am remembering. I am aware.
Another notices that I am aware, and takes me gently to clean up and go see the master. I will finally meet the Eyeless Sage of Tanalore. But others are with him. Strangers. One bears a blue boar in ink upon his chest, he is Trueman. Another, just arrived in the city, clad in winter furs, an elf is named Kevquarim. The third is also a half-elf named Kainen. They all knew each other in another life. The old man says there are to be two others. He speaks with knowledge beyond what we understand, but we know he speaks truth. This is no longer just my story, this is now our story, and the Eyeless Sage calls us saviours. And in his assistant Leashem’s eyes I see hope. All I can think of is vengeance.
I am Aleksej and I am from Auren, in the fallen kingdoms. My City fell, and now the City in the Dust stands to fall as well. As we spoke with Leashem, who lead us to an armory to outfit ourselves. I learned that I am always armed. As we picked our gear, the bells began to ring. The City was under attack. This City can not fall. I will not let it. The others gathered their supplies and we left. Dust Goblins were attacking. We gathered on the front steps and met Cuthbert, the captain of the guard. The Eyeless Master shielded the shrine with old magics from his Dragonbone staff. and we met the enemy. As Kevquarum and Kainen started plying their magics strange things began to happen. The air began to vibrate. We began to make short work of the waves of Dust Goblins but then the magic air vibration popped and small fiery creaters popped into being. We later learned them to be Magma Mephits. They too attacked. Kev yelled for us to use no magic, but we became sorely pressed by goblins,Hounds of Hell, and by a winged man, a Cambion who began to do us great harm. The Cambion went after Kev, and at one point took his mind. We were hard pressed, because the magics had once more collided and popped, and a fierce creature of the outer realms appeared and lay waste. We learned it was a Grey Slaad. Kainen pulled lightning and healed Trueman, who hew and smote, as I blasted with my internal magics the dread beast. Eventually we laid it low and sought to help Kev. The Cambion had been demanding the book and the key, artefacts that protect the city. They must not fall in his hands. He was defeated, but not vanquished, and he opened the very earth and descended into its depths. We were sorely pressed, but we four survived. I survived. I am Aleksej Kirikdan. It is still new to say it.
With the crisis over, for now, we rested, and learned more from the Eyeless Master. We learned that for our magic to work without detriment, we need foci. The Etheric Thresholds react without a foci. Then we learned it was time for us to journey into the wastes and seek out Sir Gregor Brood, agent of the Argent Quill. He is to be in Kingrave to the south. We are given a map and information, and there we must go.



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