The Pure

The Pure first came to these lands two millenia or more ago, and they came with the Laws of the Gods and the Fire of the Utmost South. They came and brought these teachings to the unenlightened and afraid, and were raised as kings by the peoples of the world.
The Pure are descended from the Sunlit Fey of the Summer Lands beyond the Seas. The purest among them shine with the light of the summer sun, and are capable of great wisdom and great magics. The Pure mingled their bloodlines and interbred with the men over whom they ruled for generations so the blood became distilled and lessened save for those newly come from over the seas.

But the Pure were challenged in the wisdom and goodness of their rule by the Shadowed Land and by the Hordes of Chaos. These first challenges were whispers and small insurrections but began to increase in threat and violence. The Fallen turned away from the Elder Gods and the Laws and took up the cause of the Demon-Angels, the Hordes of Beasts and the Darkness that Devours.
Many of the Pure turned away from the lands over which they had reigned in wisdom and benevolence, returning to the Summer Lands and leaving their heirs to continue the struggles even before the Un-Naming.wood_elf.jpg

Since the Un-Naming, none of the Pure have arrived from the Summer Lands, and many among the Pure have turned away from their fellows, creating refuges in places of natural beauty that remind them of what they have lost. They have become lesser and changed from those who still cleave to the Laws of the Elder and the Light of the Sun.

The lands which cleave to the Laws and the Defence of the Light have gathered together in the Confederation of the Pure to stand firm against the Hordes of Chaos, against the Empires of the East in all their myriad forms, against the Demon-Angels and against the Fallen.


The Pure

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