The Elder Gods

The Un-named


The elder gods were worshipped far and wide across all the lands, even amongst the Pure and the Fallen, from the dawn of time. They harnessed the power of earth, air, fire and water in the creation of the world. They harnessed the power of iron, stone, time and ice in the creation of the laws. They kindled the hearts of men, halfmen, and the beasts sending forth their radiance to teach, to guide and to shape.

For aeons the world was at peace save when disturbed by the greed and fears of men. The gods watched over all. They bestowed their blessings on those who sought them and punished those who strayed from the Laws of the Elder. The gods gifted the Pure with teachers and leaders who ascended as the Sainted and the Blessed. 

But always Chaos watched and waited. Always Entropy strove to break free of the Laws. Every generation was witness to the growth of Chaos. First came Dragons. Then were birthed the Orc, the Goblin, the Gnoll, and the Serpent. Temptation was loosed upon the hearts of the Pure and so were born the Fallen. 

The good and godly strove against the foes of the Law and the Elder. 

And then the Names of the Elder Gods were taken from the ken of men, from the minds of the beasts and erased from the world. Woe unto the world whose Gods are Un-named. Only the Weeping Saints and the Blessed now protect us from the Chaos and the doom of Entropy.

Seek unto the darkest of the forgotten places amongst the Fallen. Search out the sanctuaries and bastions of the Pure. Return the Names to the Gods lest this world fall unto Chaos fully.


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The Elder Gods

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